Jo Arlaud

Founder and CEO

Hi, my name is Jo Arlaud, I’m the Founder and CEO of Hospo Books.

I love the hospitality industry – it’s fun, it’s exciting, lively and dynamic. There’s always change, always something new.

That’s why I wanted to combine the process-oriented world of bookkeeping with the buzz of hospitality – working with the hospitality industry makes bookkeeping really interesting.

A bookkeeper can offer far more value if they have an in-depth knowledge of the businesses they work with, and that’s why Hospo Books was founded – so hospitality owners could work with bookkeepers who ‘get’ the specialised world of the café, restaurant and franchise business.

At Hospo Books, we love sharing our expertise with people who really value it. We work solely with hospitality clients, we understand the KPIs for the industry and we understand the levers that will help them achieve business growth.

Our clients love being able to talk to us about their industry. And we love providing advice and guidance that really helps them to make a difference in their business.

We know that many hospitality business owners feel they have no time for anything other than their business. They feel the pressure of meeting all the compliance rules and they struggle sometimes to see what the books are telling them.

By offering an outsourced bookkeeping service, we are really offering them time, a lifting of the compliance burden from their shoulders and a trusted advisor to can help them see the full picture.

Above all, we help hospitality business owners spend less time in the back office and more time doing what they’re best at – good food, great drinks and excellent customer service!

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