Run a successful kitchen

Managing a kitchen is no easy task. Surviving in the hospitality industry means more than just producing great food. Cooking the Books helps you manage your kitchen.

Your Complete Kitchen Manager

Cooking the Books is a cloud based program designed to generate food costs, stock control, order sheets, recipe cards, electronic ordering and invoice management.

Cooking the Books is your complete kitchen management tool! It gives you the processes and functions you need to ensure you operate a successful and profitable kitchen. You gain greater insight and control over purchasing products, stock management and cost of goods.

Insight Insight

Cooking the Books gives you transparency to see exactly what is happening in your business, helping you to make informed decisions.

Easy Orders

Your team can place orders with suppliers from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Simple Invoicing

Electronically receive and process supplier invoices without wasting time on data entry.


Integrate with your POS software and accounting software to keep your systems talking.


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